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  • Bought my car expecting to get it, will be upset if we don't.

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  • I really want it! However, was not a factor in my purchase.

    69 39.66%
  • I'd like to try it, but not must have.

    40 22.99%
  • I have zero desire for this technology.

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Thread: New AA \ ACP Thread (with Poll!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by 7eregrine View Post
    Cancel it dog. Cancel it. Does NOT work with the dock.
    Thanks, i ordered a few days ago. I figure i can use it eventually. Even if it doesn't work with dock. I honestly think the AA headunit guys will port this to AIO and XDA will port Google AA to other phones - so if and when wireless does work, i can put the dock in the center console and use it for charging there.

    I had heard the dock only charged and no data, but good to hear you tested it. Still i can plug phone in for AA and dock for charging. Not the worst combo. Better then those that have no dock connector other then usb.

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    Took the plunge yesterday and did the hack. Not very hard but a few things i noticed:

    1. It comes apart easy
    2. Plugging wires into the back is also easy, but the diagrams do have conflicting labels for Rx and Tx
    3. My USB adapter lights up when i pick the correct pins for tx and rx
    4. I had to turn car on to see the data scrollback - if car is off for so many hours the head unit shuts down. Other tutorials must assume car was turned on past few hours
    5. I know linux and putty so running commands was easy
    6. I forgot to reboot unit, so wasn't sure why it wasn't autorunning scripts from USB
    7. Putting it back together was a little trickier. The head unit has a locating dowel on the left that was hard to align.
    8. It takes some time getting used to how the command knobs works in AA and Waze
    9. I installed just "enable touch screen while moving" and AA. I have not checked for compass issue as some have reported, and I am not sure how to use the wifi or ssh defaults it enabled - more to research. Pretty sure I can't use either yet.

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