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Thread: Stroller behind 3rd Row?

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    Maybe you need to adjust the seat`s height and take off the car seat from stroller and put it to the seat for you baby, Graco`s car seat seems can be taken off from stroller.

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    I do agree this is a very stroller dependent problem.

    The price difference between the MDX and CX9 can buy you MANY other strollers. Maybe you can get an umbrella stroller that you can dedicate for roadtrips.

    Our Nuna Tavo can fit behind the 3rd row. Just had to take off the front wheels, which is thankfully pretty easy to do. Here's a pic for reference:

    This is how big it is when behind the 2nd row.

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    So... this is sort of up my alley. We recently had twin girls, and at least once a month we travel to the in-laws, with our dog and cat. So, my wife and I up front, the two girls in their infant car seats in the second row, with the cat in her carrier between the car seats, and our dog (60 lbs) takes at least one of the seats in the third row. Now, with twins, our stroller is very long (48" in length when folded). Initially we would just put one of the third-row seats down and try to wedge the stroller in at an angle. This sort of work, but we didn't like the fact that it really cramped the space for our dog (we're talking almost a 2 hour drive down, so our dog needs adequate space). Even when we were evaluating our options between the CX-9, Pilot and even the Chevy Traverse, we knew that the best solution (outside of a Suburban) would be to purchase cargo/roof box. Throw the stroller in there, some bags, and that leaves plenty of space for the dog, and even another passenger if need still maintains all the space behind the third row if we're packing a lot of crap for a vacation or going down to the in-laws for Christmas.

    Yeah it's another $500 purchase, and yes it's a bit of a pain taking it on and off, but it sure beats having to use two cars! They can store a LOT of stuff!!!

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    You can usually get almost new roof boxes on Craigslist very reasonably priced. I have two now.
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    I have 2 kids (ages 7 and 9) and a dog and the CX9 has been enough room for us. We use the third rooms a fair amount for quick drives but never for drives when we'd need true cargo room. But today I hauled 3 kids and 3 adults (including me) from a baseball game with the third room in use and was still able to fit 2 pair of kids skis, 2 pairs of ski boots and a back pack full of baseball gear behind the third row. And there would have been room for more. We had room for one or two more people as well.

    Third rows comes in very handy and get a lot of us when your kids get to a certain age and they start taking friends places and you start carpooling.....but you are a lease or two away from that.

    I know for sure that certain strollers would fit in the cargo area with the 3rd row in use--the smaller umbrella strollers that fold up small. Best thing to do is go to a dealer with the stroller and try it...I did that with bags etc to get a sense of how things fit. Cubic measurements are one thing, but doing it is another.....

    Good luck in your search.

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