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Thread: So many things to deal with at once. I'm so overwhemed!

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    Red face So many things to deal with at once. I'm so overwhemed!

    This is my 1st thread, and its a biggy. But I wanted to say hi to everyone.
    OK I have a 05 Mazda 3 2.3 5 speed I was heading to work one morning and the engine started knocking. I found a guy that would switch engines out. I found one for $650 with almost 70,000 miles. OK the guy ended up having my car for 4 months. I got it back last night. The engine sounds great no ticks or Knocks can't hear it run. But every dash light is on. The check engine, air bag, abs, and another one that has a steering wheel with a explanation mark beside it. He told me he had to take the whole steering column out of it. My speedometer dont work now and the horn dont work now either oh and my dim head lights dont work now. He said when he put it on the rack he seen the abs wires was hanging down instead of hooking them back up he let them hang. I was under my car the day that it was knocking. I'm so mad right now, he also put 4 dents and scratched my front rims. Sorry for being so windy...and help would be great on what to check or what should I try to do next. Thank you Rex Allen

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    I think it's obvious that the mechanic in in over his head. Here's what I suggest:
    1. Ask him what he intends to do to fix ALL of the problems, especially if you paid him for doing the job.
    2. If you paid him and he refuses to do anything else, send him a typed and signed request for fixing the issue or returning any money you had paid him. The Post Office has a service that requires the recipient to sign/acknowledge that he received the letter. Make sure you have the USPS do this.
    3. If the guy won't reply to you within a certain amount of time, you can probably file a small claims case against him and/or the shop. Check with your state's specific rules and advice about small clams court, including what is maximum amount of monetary recovery .

    I had to do this, many years ago and with some preparation for court, I convinced the defendant/shop owner that he'd be better off settling with me vs. losing the case in court.
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    Sorry to hear about your plight. I know this was some time ago but did you manage to get the issue resolved?

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