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Thread: Will the front ABS still work if the rear ABS sensor is bad?

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    Will the front ABS still work if the rear ABS sensor is bad?

    Hi all.

    We're told that the rear ABS sensor ring on the rear axle has rusted through and is loose or otherwise dysfunctional. This isn't my car; I'm investigating for my parents, so this is all through the game of Telephone to some extent.

    They're on vacation far from home and not inclined to be held up for an entire axle replacement. My guess is that this is not a major safety concern, since it's the rear axle and the front ABS should still work, and the front brakes do more of the braking anyway.

    Anybody have information to the contrary?


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    Can't answer the question specifically, but can tell you this about my other vehicle. One ABS sensor got flaky, and occasionally the brakes would think they needed to go into 'ABS' mode, i.e. would start the rapid pulsing during braking, instead of normal braking. Quite disconcerting. I just found the ABS fuse and pulled it, since the car was my beater, and I learned how to brake well in slippery conditions a long time ago.

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