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Thread: Help Make My New Mazda Look Hot?

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    Help Make My New Mazda Look Hot?

    I'm 17 and just got my first car. 2015 mazda 6 touring. i love it. amazing beautiful car and I'm so thankful for it. paid $16,3 for 28K miles. sweet. I'm looking at doing some minor mods for apperance please help or let me know where to start
    For sure what I want to do is get some LED lighting in the interior, and get the cool flying evil M badge on back. Can I get that in front too?.
    I for sure want to work on exhaust system. I want it a BIT louder and badass but I don't want a muffler delete that's just stupid and will sound ugly.

    Is it bad to black out the chrome on the front?

    I would like to know more about blacking out taillights and front lights. Also what about a spoiler?

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    I think you need to upgrade your headlights and taillights first.
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    I blacked out the chrome around the cars and the emblems. Looks great.

    I would also debadge the Mazda 6 and skyactiv stickers on the back of the car. Hey

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