hello there
I have the diesel version of mazda 2013 without the computer screen in the middle,
I was driving the car out in the country 2 weeks ago when suddenly the (oil+wrench ) warning light came on, telling me there was to much diesel oil in the engine oil (some DPF stuff)
So I went to a oil change workshop, but after the oil change they couldnīt shut off the warning light.

So when I came back to the capital I phoned the dealer that sold me the car(itīs the only mazda dealer in iceland) and they tell my I have to pay them 150$ just to plug in some computer that will shut off this light.

So Iīm wondering if someone knows how to shut down this light with some other way? I think 150$ is too expensive just for shuting down a warning light.

This is a yellow light (oil+wrench) far left bottom of the dashboard on the left seated drivers side version.

best regards from Iceland.