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Thread: Installed a Leather Steering Wheel Cover

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    Installed a Leather Steering Wheel Cover

    I have a 2012 5 sport and the steering wheel was starting to have the vinyl covering on it wear off in spots. I thought I'd get one of those leather steering wheel covers that you sew on, and bought this one:

    This is my attempt at installing it, it turned out OK. It makes the wheel thicker, and has a good feel. I'm used to wheels like this since my other cars have all been things like WRX, Legacy GT, BRZ, etc.

    I have some issues on the backside, where things dont quite fit perfectly. If I were to do it all over again, I'd take the wheel off the car, take all the plastic off, install the cover first. I'd also use a lot more of the double-sided tape (didn't use much), and stitch every other loop.

    Just thought I'd share in case anyone else is interested!
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    Awesome! Was just thinking of this. A little sportier

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    FYI, Mz5 GT trims come with leather steering wheel, MS3's leather wheel have red stitching. Much easier and cheaper to buy off ebay.
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