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Thread: Ignition hard to turn, grinds key

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    Ignition hard to turn, grinds key

    Not sure if this is the right forum. I've been having problems with getting the ignition to turn. It varies by temperature or for no reason at all. I had purchased a non-Mazda replacement key from a locksmith a few years ago. I hated the FOB with the switchblade key. It was falling apart and in danger of breaking in the switch. This new key worked fine for several years with occasional battery replacement. Lately it's been getting more difficult to turn the key. I usually need to wiggle it in a particular way to get it to start.

    The original keys don't really work anymore and get stuck in the ignition switch and are really difficult to remove. New re-cut keys also get stuck. I called a locksmith to replace the switch but he said only Mazda could do that and program a key. I went to Mazda and they quoted me a small fortune. So I'm stuck for now with a slowly failing switch and I worry that one day it'll just stop working. The key is extremely worn and has small grooves etched into it on either side. Clearly something in there is slowly loosening and grinding into the key. WD-40 has helped somewhat.

    Does anyone have any idea what is wrong? Is it true only Mazda can replace and re-program? Can I just buy parts from them? Can I just buy a used ignition switch with key & immobilizer on eBay and have a mechanic install it?

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    Might not help but did you try to lubricate? like a graphite lube made for locks...

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    Everything above indicate sticky tumbler (pin or spring), esp the WD40 comment. The problem is if you don't take out the tumbler, if is hard for oil to penetrate all over bc it is fighting gravity. Spray oil (can cause build up) or use graphite into the tumbler and also heavily coat the key. Insert the key in and out VERY rapidly in hopes 'some' oil will transfer over to the pin, to the spring. Move oil covered key to ACC position. Hope this helps.
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    It sounds like your lock cylinder is messed up. I believe you can replace the clock cylinder separately from the electronic bit. It appears that the lock cylinders are sold separately online. The electronic bit is part of the key fob, so you should be able to recut the key without having to reprogram the keys, but I'm not sure. Good Luck.

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