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Thread: 2002 P5 A/C Compressor noise looking for an easy fix!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Corphish View Post
    Idk about you but if I asked a shop to evac my ac lines they would do so for free...
    But would they charge you to put it back in after you've changed your compressor ??? Like $100 or so ??

    Just An FYI..

    R 134A refrigerant (which is in our cars) is a Chlorofluorocarbon ...

    CFC's, float up into the stratosphere and destroy the ozone layer....
    They are pretty much banned in first and second world countries but they can be recovered from old refrigeration units and reused. BUT.. Freon is free to use in third world countries...

    Smuggling freon from Mexico into the US is more lucrative than smuggling cocaine... Pound for pound.

    I used Duracool to recharge my AC...
    It is made from propane and specially treated so is doesn't explode if it leaked out. (they raised the ignition point)... It has no chlorine or fluorine, won't kill the earth, and you can just release it into the atmosphere...
    No worse the blowing off a big fart outside...

    The Diagram Dude

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    Quote Originally Posted by pcb View Post
    R 134A refrigerant (which is in our cars) is a Chlorofluorocarbon ...
    EDIT... There is no chlorine in tetrafluoroethane... I was thinking of R-12... (still bad though... 1/8 as bad...)
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    Quote Originally Posted by pcb View Post
    So you did a great job of not removing your dash to fix your AC, proving the FSM wrong, but I'm kinda disappointed with your advice on the AC compressor...

    I think in an effort to redeem yourself, you should fix yours and your brothers clattering AC pump Without draining any freon... And post some pics so we can all do it...

    PS... I have the SST required (snap ring pliers)
    The diesel-like rattle that is common on these compressors is not caused by a bearing. The noise is only present when the compressor is running, which rules out the bearing as the cause, since it spins all the time, whether the compressor is engaged or not.

    Maybe his bearing was bad and making a similar rattle, or maybe since the rattles tend to come and go, the problem just hasn't came back yet.

    The vast majority of compressors require a special threaded puller to take apart, I'm surprised that these don't.

    I wonder if he bought a reman compressor, took them both apart, did the ol' switcheroo and returned it?
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    I've had customers bring in a car blowing hot as the Sahara only cause they had a bit too much freon. Now I honestly don't know how else to measure freon and I used to do this service for customers for free so I can't say for every place.

    Do ask I'm sure it won't hurt either way.

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