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Thread: Mag1 oil?

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    Mag1 oil?

    Have you ever heard of Mag1 Full Synthetic oil? I have my doubts. In Amazon has very good reviews, but on forums I have seen many bads reviews. I hope anyone can give me an idea since in my country is the only Full Synthetic 0w20 for $8 quart.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I've never heard of them but a quick look at = good, cheap, stuff. I'll keep them in mind. FWIW, Ford Motorcraft oils are also very good. Don't get too caught up in the "full" synthetic label.

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    the best oil for your car is

    shell rotella
    motul, or liqui moly 5w30.

    stay far away from 0w20 if you care about your vehicle. switched to 5w30 and i will never go back. engine feels great...

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    I don't know of it being a bad product. I would have no problem using it. One of the cheaper full synthetics available in the US. Comparable to synthetic motor oils sold under "house brands" of major retailers in the States, e.g. Walmart/SuperTech, AutoZone/STP, etc. Amazon sells it for a pretty good price within the continental U.S.: for the most part under $5/qt.

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