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Thread: Picked up a New to Me 2009 Mazda5 - Couple Quick ?'s

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    Picked up a New to Me 2009 Mazda5 - Couple Quick ?'s

    Its a 2009 with 114k miles and a 5 speed manual. Got it for $4k which seems like a pretty decent deal.

    It has two minor things that I would like to correct and I have searched the forum, but these issues are not very clear.

    1) On the shift knob, the 5 speed pattern (cap) has come off and it bothers me. Is it possible to just replace the cap or do I need to buy a new knob? Are these knobs interchangeable between the 3/5/MX-5?

    2) I have no keyfob. Just a plain key. Actually its one key for the door and one for the ignition. I suspect a changed lock cylinder at some point due to a break in (not sure if its the door or the ignition). Anyway I am hoping to do away with the two key system by getting a new fob from the dealer and having them program it. Is the dealer the only way to make this work? It is the base sport model. DId these come from the factory with keyless entry? I was under the impression they all did.

    3)If the above will not work, Is it possible to get an entire lockset from a wrecker and replace the ignition and door locks so that I could just switch over the entire set from a wrecked vehicle?

    Appreciate the help!

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    Not sure about the cap but I expect you could find one to match and glue it in place.

    Yes, even the base model came with keyless entry. I got an extra fob at the dealer for around $100 out the door, programmed. Just make sure the fob's key is cut for the ignition, and then you'll only need to pull out the fob to remotely lock/unlock and start. Of course you'll still have to carry the door key around as a backup, just in case the fob suddenly conks out.

    In my experience you'll see the remote range reduced for a time before the buttons on the fob stop working altogether. Just mind that and the red LED on the fob to know when to replace the fob's battery.

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    1) Assume you don't have the cap to glue on? IIRC, all Mazdas use the same thread/pitch (manual and auto have different size, just google it for the Mz3). You can source a replacement, say from a Mz3/Miata. If you have/know someone with a tap set, you can cut any object into a shift knob.

    2) Your best option is to just get an aftermarket alarm/keyless entry system (cheap and long range, mind as well do keyless start). You will not need to mess with the mis-match door cylinder. Just stick the door lock key in a magnetic box under the car somewhere since you will use the alarm fob to open/lock doors. What really matters is the chip (immobilizer) ignition key, which you do have.

    3) Yes, you can swap out the all key cylinders but it will be expensive and time consuming (b/c you ask, I assume you have not done this before and labor will be expensive). I've done a few door gut/swap and while it is not difficult, it ain't no fun.
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