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Thread: Contemplating a CX3 - What do I need to know

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    Contemplating a CX3 - What do I need to know

    Hi Folks

    I am a current 02 Protege 5 owner, car is getting a little tired and the novelty of spending my weekends fixing things is wearing thin. It was fun 15 years ago, but not so much anymore. Thinking of a CX-3 as they look great and seem like a nice small SUV. It's just my wife and I, no kids but that is a possibility in the next 12 months. Any feedback you folks have on your CX-3's would be much appreciate. Happy with the car? Wish you had got something else, what to look out for? Packages to get? Any sort of comments on your ownership experience would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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    I don't own one but had a loaner for a couple of days. It's a small car - it's based on the floorpan of the Mazda 2 (not the 3 as the name would imply). For example the shoulder room (roughly measured between the front seat belt mounts) is 1360mm against 1452mm in the Mazda 3 - that's approx 4 inches narrower - I'm 6' and it felt like I was leaning on the door while driving it. Also the boot is tiny and IMHO no good for impending baby gear. On the other hand it looks nice, drives nice and has lots of nice kit, but IMHO it's way overpriced (in the UK anyway) for what it is... a Mazda 2 on stilts.

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    So we looked at both the Mazda 3 and the CX-3 and while the CX-3 was fun, if you can live with FWD, the Mazda 3 hatchback is a better deal. Faster, better handling, more room, more safety features and most importantly, much cheaper. The CX-3 is fun and I think better looking but the Mazda 3 is a much better deal.

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    Looking at the CX-3/5 here as well... Disappointed to hear that the car is so cramped in general for the price and lacks futureproofing.
    If its a Mazda 2 with stilts it sure does not reflect it in the price - it is approx 6500 more than a base model 2 in GBP from the dealer.

    I did hop down to take a look at all of the Mazdas and was surprised that there was no option to put in a center armrest in the CX-3 as well.
    This was the case in Willebroek, Southampton and of course in Singapore. All the CX-3s lacked the armrest.

    Bonus in the UK model being of course that the Speedometer also read in MPH and is in RHD.

    Perhaps this has changed or is now an option on higher trims?

    As far as the CX-5 is concerned the reports have me a bit on the cautious side and still taking a wait and see approach.

    All in all I may end up just hunting for a well maintained 2015-16 CX-5 given the options at hand fit for my needs.

    There's a new "tech" package out for the 2 but that did not interest me at all. Hope it sells well though...
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    I own a 2016 CX-3 GT with the tech package. It is the wife's car but I drive it a lot as well. It is a fun car to drive for sure and the AWD works well. Honestly, spend a lot of time investigating the size and make sure it will fit your needs. It fits us as it is our 2nd vehicle (we have 4 teenagers that rarely come with us anymore) and packs a surprising amount in the back if you plan well, but if you are someone that tends to take a lot of stuff with you wherever you go, go with the 3 or the new CX-5. We have fit 5 people in it before but not for long trips. My wife loves it but there are times she wishes it was a little bigger (used to own a CX-5). But if it fits your needs for now and the near future, it definitely is a fun car to own, and it still causes people to take second looks.

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