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Thread: Continuous Horn Blaring, Advice Please

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    Continuous Horn Blaring, Advice Please

    I recently had replaced my cabin air filter in my 2008 Mazda 3s Sedan and once we hooked back up the negative battery cable to the battery the horn will not stop blaring !!!! I have a factory remote start in my car...the key fob is working fine to unlock and lock my car, and my car works fine driving it, just w/o the horn fuse installed in the fuse box where it should be because of the constant blaring. We pulled out the fuse panel under the glove box to get to the cabin air filter to replace it. Please help, otherwise my car is scheduled to be looked at by the dealership on Monday Thank you in advance for your help!

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    The key may in your pulling out the fuse panel. It could be that a wire was twisted, disconnected or otherwise shorted during the process. If possible, repeat what you did while looking carefully at every connection and wire in the vicinity.
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