New user here. I am from New Zealand. We have Mazda Demio (2), Axela (3) and Atenza (6). I have a Mazda Demio. I got it @ 88600ish KM's (1.6KM = 1 Mile) in June 2016. When I purchased I was only told that it had been serviced (most likely with cheap oils). I have now used the car for a year & have done: 2 oil changes (Castrol Edge 5W-30) & engine flushes. The car is going very well, no issues with idling. What should be included in a full yearly service? List everything that you know of or that comes to mind.

I gave thought to taking it to a dealership for a yearly service. However in New Zealand they're dodgy cunts. Imma do it maself. I am mechanically familiar (I have a Holden also) & have already done some repair work to it (replacing fuses, door interior electrics etc).

This car does have a couple of, at this time, minor issues:
- When cold & still, steering can be bumpy (like it's running low on PSF, although it's not).
- When doing a lot of turning such as a three-point turn, the steering wheel sometimes makes a clicking noise (could be the clock spring).
- There is a leak @ the back of the transmission. I suspect it could be over-torqued sump nuts squeezing the gasket. Leaking seems consistent with that & hasn't formed any drips on my driveway at this point.

Thank you for all of your assistance.