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Thread: why a transmission fluid cooler when fluid is ran thru radiator?

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    why a transmission fluid cooler when fluid is ran thru radiator?

    Just curious. what is Mazda's reasoning for having a small (approx. 3"Dia. x 11/2" thick) cooler that has coolant lines from engine when fluid lines also go thru radiator? I am trying to install a Hayden Trans Cooler and not quite sure which is the return line. Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Maybe with the transmission hot you can feel a difference in temperature of the lines--the hot one is the fluid to the cooler. The radiator cooler is in the cold tank of the radiator.

    To find the return line:
    Pull a fuse so the engine will crank but not run
    Disconnect one of the cooler lines; put a bucket under the disconnected end
    Crank the engine until fluid flows out. You'll know the function by the direction of the flow.

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