Hi. I am looking to upgrade my speakers to match my aftermarket unit and considering whether my best bet for decent sound might not be to re-route the wiring from the rear door speakers to a pair of simple boxed speakers mounted on the inside of the trunk. That's what I did for sound in a parade of minivans I owned over the years.

I am not looking for a massive system with subwoofers, etc. I just like to pump my volume a little and have it be clear. Right now, I'm running a Pioneer aftermarket with a built in 50w x 4 amplifer. I'm not upgrading to an external amp. Like I said - just want decent sound at volume without rocking the car next to me. I've always had the perfect sound with a head unit upgrade and decent, compatible speakers. That's all I'm looking for here.

I've still got the stock Bose speakers in there, and what I'm hearing is a lot of obnoxious cone buzz. The cone buzz is so bad, I'm not sure how much door rattle I'm getting. I'm not looking to invest in a lot of Dynamat or alternatives if I can avoid it. I don't want to incur the cost, go to the trouble or risk the water-collection problems that sometimes occur. So I thought one solution would be to go back to my main, rear speakers mounted in boxes like I did with the minivans.

Is re-routing the wiring particularly difficult? Any videos/websites I can check out to guide me when the time comes?

I do intend to also upgrade the front door speakers and tweeters eventually. I just want to start with the rear and do the rest as budget allows.

Thanks for any/all input.

(I've tried going through the threads here to see if this has been covered previously and didn't find any. If I missed a thread on this, sorry for re-posting and thanks for linking me to the proper thread.)