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Thread: 2012 Driver's Window 'Sticks'

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    2012 Driver's Window 'Sticks'

    We're the new owners of a 2012 Mazda 5, a great little runabout for a larger family. The only problem we've seen so far is that the driver's electric window 'sticks' when you're rolling it down.

    I'll explain. When you press the button, the regulator moves, but for the first inch or two, the window sticks in the frame, in the 'up' position, then drops down onto the regulator. I'm thinking that it just has a screw or two loose, but before I go ripping off door panels, has anyone else seen this?

    Also, anything else to watch out for?

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    bent tracks, defective regulators, off track in the door jam.
    I'd tear it open and start tracking the problem.
    On this car it is super easy to remove the door panel.

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