I've had a P2009 code for a few months now, and have finally decided to tackle it. I just spent $700 at the dealership for clutch master/slave cylinder and hoses that I should have replaced myself and I don't want to go back to them any time soon. (They wanted to charge a diagnostics fee on top of all that, which I protested and they removed from my bill. On top of all that, it took them several days to do the repair.)

I've read all the posts about the VTCS solenoid and I have already swapped it with the identical VICS one and I still get the same P2009 code. I measured resistance and both the VICS and VTCS solenoids were in the 40 - 50 Ohm range, which I understand is acceptable. I followed the vacuum lines from the solenoids to the engine and notice that while the VICS one operates snappily (see video), the VTCS one has a slow, quiet return. I also tried to show in the video that the VTCS "rod" (whatever it's called) deflects slightly to the passenger side when operated by hand. I know I'm testing both from the "wrong end" (not the vacuum side of the rod), but I wonder if the action of the two rods should feel the same. Or maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree. Either way, I hadn't seen this particular aspect discussed so I thought I'd throw it in the pit for discussion.

If the video doesn't work, please let me know. The video does have sound if you click on the video itself as opposed to just the play button in the top-right.