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Thread: 2012 CX-9 GT - going on fourth set of tires in 70k miles- problem?

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    2012 CX-9 GT - going on fourth set of tires in 70k miles- problem?

    My 2012 CX-9 Grand Touring (FWD) just hit 70k miles. I took it in for my regular 5k tire rotation last week only to learn the two front tires are worn to 3/32" with barely 18k miles on them! The rear tires are fine at 9/32" and they are identical to the front and have spent some of their life on the front wheels. I've read various posts over the years about some CX-9s with inexplicable excessive tire wear and I'm starting to wonder if mine is one of them??? The wear is even across the tread, which means an alignment or over/under-inflation issue is unlikely to be the problem.

    The factory Bridgestone Duelers were worn out by 27k miles (all four). I replaced them with Yokohama YK580s (with a 60k miles treadwear warranty) and they lasted barely 25k miles before requiring replacement. At 52k miles, I had the current set of Michelin Premier LTX installed. Now at 70k miles, I'm having two of the Michelins replaced with the same.

    It's more than a little frustrating, to say the least. I'm fortunate to have a great (and long) relationship with my local Discount Tire. The Yokohamas that replaced the factory Bridgestones were just over $800 out-the-door. With the adjustment for the mileage warranty on the Yokos, the Michelins were $390. The two replacement Michelins are only costing me $140. But even though the financial cost hasn't been excessive, I still have a problem with replacing tires more often than I do my air filter!

    Any suggestions or input on the situation will be appreciated!
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    What kind of fuel mileage are you averaging? The energy to scrub off the tires has to be coming from somewhere. It looks like the roads around your area (Lake Arrowhead) are very winding. What kind of tire wear do you see on the other vehicles in your "fleet". Our 2012 FWD is getting around 20 mpg on the average and we have over 76k on the OEM Duelers but the roads around Houston are quite flat and straight. In any case, the wear you are experiencing seems excessive.

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    That is definitely excessive. My OEM tires got 79k and my replacement Dueler 422's got 74k. This was a lot of highway driving, but still something is wrong with the short life of your tires.

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    Get a 4 wheel alignment. Be sure the alignment tech gets everything set right at the middle of the spec. Just "within spec" might not be good enough. Have him check for worn or damaged suspension parts. Something is certainly wrong.

    " I took it in for my regular 5k tire rotation last week only to learn the two front tires are worn to 3/32" You can look at the condition of your tires yourself and notice anything like this wrong sooner than this. You'll notice normal wear vs. any abnormal appearance. You don't need to be a trained technician to see that something is different.

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