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Thread: Bose system

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    Question Bose system

    Is the Bose system they put in the 17' M6 with the sunroof package any good. Does it sound much better than the base stereo system? Thanks

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    Just got my '17 Grand Touring this weekend, and so far the sound system is adequate but nothing to get too excited about.
    Maybe it's because I'm still learning the electronics and haven't had time to really crank it up and enjoy it yet. Maybe it's because the sound system only has Bass & Treble controls not EQ.
    Maybe I need to break it in (is this a thing?).


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    Yes speakers will generally sound better with burn in, esp larger speakers

    I have a 2015, can't imagine too much difference but the stock Bose pretty much has no low end. I leave Bass middle and the Treble I crank up about 4 notches. Half way up from middle. I added a subwoofer on about 600rms to my system (easy to do for our cars) and it sounds good enough for me. I can play loud and clear. Usually go up to about 50 on the volume at max.

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