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Thread: Eibach ProKit, bad ride quality. Any idea why?

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    Eibach ProKit, bad ride quality. Any idea why?

    I recently installed new struts, boots, and Eibach Springs. I love the way my protege5 sits now but the rear seems overly "soft". The ride is bouncy in my opinion and others feel the same when they ride with me. My bump stops were destroyed so I bought KYB boots+bump for the front and moog for the rears (kyb wasn't available). Nothing was cut since the instructions didn't say to and Eibach apparently doesn't recommend it. Also I might have installed the bumps upside down (not sure if it makes a difference but flat part towards the flat part of the shock). Anyone else on Eibach feel the ride is pretty bad versus OEM? I'm on 205/45/16 tire...

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    My eibachs were great, didn't trim the bumpstops either.

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    How long have you had them on? Sometimes it takes a bit for things to "settle"

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    What shocks did you install? No point installing Eibach springs with cheap shocks.

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    I'm curious what struts you installed, too.

    My Eibachs were great on my MSP.
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    Removed some crappy Stagg and went to KYB Excel (black), I know they aren't tokico or anything high end but I had them on stock springs and felt pretty nice. The Eibach have been on for about a month, so about 500+ miles.

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    Did you get the specific P5 Eibach springs or Protege sedan springs? The P5 rear springs have a higher spring rate, due to having a much heavier rear end.
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