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Thread: Looking for Mazda 3 17" rims

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    Looking for Mazda 3 17" rims

    I'm looking for anyone who is willing to sell me or know where I can get some Mazda 3 oem 17" rims, preferably for a 2014.

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    The 2014 Mazda3 was not available with 17-inch wheels (only 16 and 18). Even you can get older model 17s, they will probably be very heavy (You might want to find out what they weigh.). Have you considered getting something like the Sparco Assettos at 17.5 lbs each?
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    The original equipment alloy wheels from various Mazda models will fit correctly... it doesn't need to be a 2014, and doesn't need to be a Mazda3. I suggest checking specific size information, since 17" wheels come in various widths and offsets.

    If you want an idea of the styles which might be available, you can try Midwest Wheel. I have not purchased wheels from them, but they have a nicely organized online catalog of OEM wheels to show you what has been sold by Mazda. As concept mentioned, the 2014 Mazda3 had no 17" wheels, but for examples...

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    I put Momo wheels on my Mazda5. They look like OE Mazda5 wheels but with some flair. Oh, and they were affordable, which is the real reason I decided to throw my opinion up.
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