Hi Folks,

Got a 2008 Mazda CX-7 GT that has recently started acting up. My CEL was always on as I had an O2 sensor that was out, but recently the car starting misfiring a lot and and when I floor the gas the RPM would never go beyond 3000 and drop dead back to 2000, lot of hesitation, so I took it to a mechanic and we found out we had a few codes around O2 Sensor (system running too lean, system running too rich etc), EGR issue (the valve was leaking, replaced the valve), Misfiring (replaced all 4 spark plugs).

Since the valve and spark plug change the car has been running much smoothly, but I still can't floor the car, the "Limp mode" seems to be on, the car just doesn't allow me to go beyond 3000 rpm, lots of misfires. It is even worse when the engine is cold (first ride of the day) for a good 15 mins and then it rides much better, but the whole "Limp Mode" problem exists.

After all the above fixes, the CEL hasn't come on (100+ kms driven), but the limp mode somehow seems to be still ON. Would the car just need a limp mode reset? If so how can it be done? If not is this indicative of another issue?

Suggestions, pointers are much appreciated.