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Thread: Mazda Still Using Ford Brakes?

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    Mazda Still Using Ford Brakes?

    My 09 used Ford brakes (calipers and pads, at least) what does the new 17 use? Thanks.

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    Mazda is using their own brakes now, Mazda stamped. I have 60k on mine with zero issues, but I brake lightly and smoothly, torque my wheels properly, and still have 50% of pad remaining. YMMV

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    I have 40K on mine and the discs warped at around 30K. Replaced the rears but the brake shudder is still there around 70 mph which got better from 40 mph. Will need to replace the fronts too.

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    Doing brakes on my wifes 2015 Grand Touring and the Calipers have the Mazda logo.

    She's got 51,000 miles and the front OEM rotors are warped. Switching to drilled and slotted rotors. I know some people aren't a fan but I"m going to give them a shot this round. If they suck who cares, throw away and get OEM rotors.

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    Mazda is no longer owned by Ford (>30% at that time).
    Now Ford still owns a very small percentage of Mazda.
    Mazda is getting closer with Toyota now. (5% exchange shareholding)
    I won't be surprised that someday Mazda will be owned by Toyota.
    Toyota is not spending a lot on gas engine, on which Mazda shines with SkyActiv-X.
    Several Toyota small cars sold in USA today are OE from Mazda.
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