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Thread: 09 Mazda6 Oil consumption and burning

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    09 Mazda6 Oil consumption and burning

    Ok, so I tried my hardest to see if this was a fixed issue on here, and on google, but hadn't found anything. My mazda6 is losing about a quart a week, and puts out HUGE clouds on the highway (high rpm). The breather hose on the valve cover isn't fully connected, and not sure if that is the issue, or if the PCV/oil separator is bad. Next to the separator, the head is hairline-cracked leaking the oil. Obviously Im looking for the cheapest and most straightforward fix, just need to know which part to go for first. My guess would be the breather hose connection (should this rattle like the PCV valve?). Or go ahead and tear-down the intake and see if its the PCV issue. Or maybe even piston rings (looks like a salvaged engine was put in here). Im just shorthanded at college without a place to work on it and need to drive it to work and school everyday. Thanks in advance for the help.

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    That hairline crack is most likely your culprit. If that is the only place your seeing an active leak on, the PCV could be a culprit as well, and wont hurt, and wont be too expensive to replace. If your looking for a really quick fix....i would assess the severity of the crack. MMMMAAAAYYYYBBBBEEEE its possible tack weld it, or maybe even JB weld the sucker. But a new head would probably ultimately fix the issue.

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