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Thread: Mazda5 Valentine One mirror mount

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    Mazda5 Valentine One mirror mount

    I hate hanging cords from radar detectors, so I spent some time this afternoon installing a direct-wire connection and mirror mount for my Valentine One in my Mazda5.

    I planned on tapping power from the overhead console, and with a sunroof, it was sure to have a powered-only-with-the-key-on circuit, if I could find it.

    First step, pop out the overhead console unit, like you would for changing out the map bulbs...

    I used my continuity tester to probe on this main connector, looking for a power-on-key circuit...

    Found it...this particular black wire.

    Straightforward install per the kit: crimp on their tap; drill and place a screw for the ground; then, test it before putting back together.

    There's a nice space around the console to stash the wires, and a nice gap to feed out the connector to the detector. I used this inexpensive mount from Amazon.

    No trick getting it mounted on the mirror, and adjusted mostly out of the way...seems pretty solid.

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    Thanks for this! I ran it to the fuse box on my first gen, but this is much nicer for our current one. Good job and thanks for sharing!

    Also v1 for life.

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