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Thread: How to: Mazda CX-5 all key lost

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    How to: Mazda CX-5 all key lost


    two keys, a Mazda OBD key programmer

    Vehicle model: Mazda CX5


    (Notice: there are two selections ENT and ESC at the bottom of the OBDSTAR F-100 key pro. Press ENT means to continue,and press ESC means to return.)

    Connect F100 to the car.

    The programmer tool starts, and press ENT

    Select Mazda CX5

    With start


    Switch ignition on

    Follow the tip that all the smart key out of the car 1 meters away.


    Press and hold the vehicle start button for 10 seconds, Start button indicator

    Select all smart keys lost

    Instruction: All smart keys will be erased, MIN keys are required

    Switch ignition on


    Current number of smart key:2

    Press ENTER to continue, press ESC to return

    Configuring the system, please wait…

    Reading vehicle information…

    Configuring the system, please wait…

    Current number of smart key: 0

    Erase complete

    Configuring the system, please wait…

    Switch ignition off

    Press press button and follow the steps

    Use a new smart key to contact start button, press ENTER to continue

    Configuring the system, please wait

    Current number of the system smart keys: 1

    Program success, whether to program next one? Press ENTER to continue ,press ESC to return.

    Switch ignition off and configuring the system, please wait…

    Press start button and follow the same steps like the first key

    Then current number of smart keys: 2

    You have to complete the following procedures, engine can be started:

    Switch ignition off
    Put on the brakes, the key 1 press start button to start the engine for 3 seconds, then turn off the ignition switch
    If you want to add more keys, please repeat procedure 2, complete.
    Finally, test the new keys to test if they can work.

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    How are you able to turn the ignition on without a key that's recognized by the system?
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    Thanks for the write up! SAVED!

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    Thanks for the write up. That tool is about $136. How much would it cost to have it done from the dealer?

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    Arrow How to: Mazda CX-5 all key lost

    Quote Originally Posted by madar View Post
    Thanks for the write up. That tool is about $136. How much would it cost to have it done from the dealer?
    I've seen people say Mazda dealer will charge somewhere around $70 for programming the key fob and $10 for cutting the mechanical key.

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    Has anyone used the obdstar? I'm getting a quote of about $300+ to get obtain a new key and have it programmed by a dealer

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    Nice write up, thanks.

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    Thanks for the writeup.

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    Has anybody used this? Have to program several keys. But dont want to kill my last one.

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    Forgive me if this has been discussed but I can't find. I'm coming from Ford world, where if you have two good PATS keys, you can program spares yourself without any extra equipment like what had to be used here. Is that not an option with these remotes?

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    Can F100 be replaced by a phone application that 'talks' to OBDII?

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    i noticed that your 2nd key has 3 button (trunk release), does it work after you programmed it?

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