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Thread: 01 MP3 engine swap

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    01 MP3 engine swap

    Will any 2.0 fit in my Mazda protege Mp3. People are telling my it must come from a car with a 8th vin number 7 or 8. Iam having a very hard time finding that engine.

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    Any 01-03 Protege engine with an FSDE 2.0L will work. If you are staying N/A you can get a JDM FSZE high compression motor, it will require premium fuel but you can keep your MP3 ecu and you should pick up some power. There are several FS motors in my local junkyard, I'm sure you will be able to locate one. If you get an American DE keep your MP3 intake manifold, if you get a ZE then keep the ZE intake mani.
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