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Thread: Adding Navigation and roof rack to 2015 CX-9 Grand Touring questions?

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    Adding Navigation and roof rack to 2015 CX-9 Grand Touring questions?

    Hello, my first post. A week ago my family had two Mazda 3's and my Chevy Traverse which I loved. The Traverse had some issues and the extended warranty was about to be expire. We opted not buy new tires ($920) and not reup on the extended warranty ($1400) and the wife said it's time for you have to have a Mazda too (the trifecta). I was not allowed to buy a Silver, Grey or Black truck since that's the only color I ever get. I fell in love with a 2015 CX-9 Grand Touring in Trans Flash Mica (I think that's the name). It changes colors, it's a bronze during the day and charcoal at night, it's so odd. BUT....a few options were missing.

    My CX-9 did not come with navigation, most told me all I needed was to buy the Navi card then others said I needed to change the head unit.

    My wife has a 2015 Mazda 3 with the 7" heads up display with Navigation slot under the A/C unit (along with 2 USB's).

    My CX-9 did not come with the slot. I was told it would be located to left of the driver under the rear hatch / light / BSM buttons.

    I have the touchscreen head unit with the Navi button.

    I was at the Mazda dealer today picking up my wife's 3 from service and decided to go ask the parts department. After 15 minutes he told me the system was down and couldn't help right now. I googled my question but found the same answers, memory slot or head unit.

    Has anyone added Navi?

    My truck also didn't come with the OEM roof racks. I know people take them off for that smooth look if they never use them. I think I want to add these, actually the wife wants it. At the Mazda dealer today they wanted $261. I don't want them this bad, I guess I'll look for a used set. Is it as simple as just dropping them into the slots? Anyone has a set taking up space in your garage hit me up.

    Here are some pics.

    Mazda CX-9 Exterior by , on Flickr

    Mazda CX-9 Interior by , on Flickr

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    I have a 2012 CX-9 FWD GT, it came with Navigation. I also recently had a new CX-5 loaner from the dealership while my CX-9 was getting serviced. So I've used both the 2012 and most recent Mazda navigation - I don't like the Mazda navigation system. I have iOttie mounts on my dash for my iPhone and iPad - I can connect the iPhone via Bluetooth to the sound system, which I do when I use the iPhone's navigation. I recently bought the updated DVD for the Mazda navigation, but its maps are still a couple of years old. Personally, I think that the Apple navigation app and Google maps are better than the Mazda navigation system, so I would recommend not getting then navigation system, and getting a dash mount instead. (In OR, if your phone is in a dash mount you are allowed to use it for navigation, otherwise you can fall foul of distracted driving laws.) On a recent trip to Vancouver Island, the Mazda navigation wanted me to drive down a logging trail rather than use a main road - not happening. Also, the voice recognition for the phone/tablet is much better than the Mazda. One big advantage the phone apps have is that they give you much, much better real time traffic information. My Apple Maps app gives me travel time based on current traffic conditions, if I put the same destination into the Mazda Navigation system it will give the options, but not based on real time traffic - so you could end up in a traffic jam. I tend to use the navigation app for every trip so I can minimize traffic snarls.
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