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Thread: A Few Fixes to the MZ5, Hope this will help fix the Gremlins!

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    Exclamation A Few Fixes to the MZ5, Hope this will help fix the Gremlins!

    A repost to help others.

    Thought I might add my 2 cents about MY09 GT:

    Thank you to to all the contributors to this forum, I've enjoyed reading all the helpful hints to make the MZ5 a great mini,mini van.

    My Story on MY09 GT:

    Dyno- matted and sound insulated entire interior (took one month/everyday/retired), New JL Audio TR 570-CXi Speakers, stock Navigation head unit= sounds great, no need to put in amplifier, some wind and road noise still...but much quieter!!!

    But I still had the Clunking/knocking Noise!!!

    Nitto Motivo Tires = Quiet and Grippy, Now Conti DWS 06 225/45-18 = quiet and grippy, not much difference!


    The noise I that I can still hear, besides the clunk is probably from the low profile tires, Continental DWS 06,225/45-18 inflated to 37 psi to provide even wear.

    It sounds more like riding on a over inflated balloon tire that is hollow with a thumpy sound. Happy with all sound deadening I preformed on the 5. Again its not a Lexus, maybe an Acura.

    Tired of the knocking noise in the front since i bought the MZ5 used. with 19K miles, now 60k...

    Again, to quiet down the van: I Did Everything...

    -Koni FDS
    -Moog end links F/R
    -installed prothane RSB bushes-still made clunky noise and squeeked-removed them, then replaced with
    Updated OEM FSB/ MS3 RSB... to no avail..., the clunking continued about a week after replacing the
    OEM Updated FSB bushes...frustrating...maybe the clunk will disappear after the PMM is replaced. (eric
    the car guy on youtube sugguested it might be the motor mount)


    I've installed the Second Generation PMM and the Ford Focus E RMM and agree with the above comments: Slight vibrations at in drive at stop lights and no slipping or spinning wheels at hard acceleration from stand still. Smoother now that it has worn in, but it still has slight vibration at idle in drive if you pay attention.

    SPC adjustable camber arms (even tire wear,raised tire pressure to 38 psi)

    Stock Mz5 Springs

    MS3 Front Calipers with Centric Hi Carbon Rotors, SS brake lines, Hawk HPS 5.0 Pads

    2010 MS3 18" Rims (5 have bent on roads in the Bay Area= soft stock MS3 rims

    Although the EXE rear exhaust makes the MZ5 sound more sporty, the van can out manuver and out brake the Elise, plus can carry bags of dirt for the Mrs.


    I thought I found out the clunking noise was the "new" installed Moog front end links:

    The noise came back one week after install. Didn't think it was end links because the FSB bushes were replaced at the same time. This was tested by disconnecting sway bar end of the end link on one side

    The upper ball joint had enough movement that caused the clunk/click. Maybe I installed the wrong part on the 5. The struts were Koni 4045 for the MS3 and used the MS3 specified Moog front link (cad plated discs at both ends w zerk fittings that interfere with strut housing).

    Going to try the new improved Moog end link "Problem Solver"for the MZ5, solid black joints, off set zerk fittings... hopefully this will work! Not sure now!

    Update...the MZ5 is running great and nothing to fix!!!


    History: I have replaced my Front and Rear Sway Bar Bushes several times with:

    -Upgraded and Current OEM Bushes

    -Energy Suspension Poly Bushes

    -Moog K200675 Blue Thermoplastic Front Stabilizer Bar Bushing.
    The Moog proved to be the MOST EFFECTIVE replacement bushing
    for me! I bought them thru

    The OEM bush lasted a few months before it Clunked Again!

    The Energy Suspension bushed squeeked w/in a few months even with the approved lubricant!

    The Moog Blue Bushing was Nirvana!

    No Clunk or Noise....this was after I did everything except changing the LCA bushes...I mean every thing!

    Top Hats on suspension, Koni FSD, Moog End Links, Motor Mounts all except Trans Mount...Installed a E Focus RMM, no wheel hop!

    Hope this helps!
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    I checked and says it will not fit the Mazda 5 for that Moog part number

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    Quote Originally Posted by mazda_Dad View Post
    I checked and says it will not fit the Mazda 5 for that Moog part number
    Sorry it took awhile to respond, don't always check this Forum.

    I'm 99.7% sure the Moog part number MO K90398 at Rock Auto Parts is Correct!
    Only $7.54 (Blue thermoplastic) is the one to buy!

    Even though my invoice says:
    "All Years No Vehicle Specified".

    I even purchased a standard Stabilizer Bar Bushing for a 2009 Mazda 5 2.3L I4, Moog part # MO K200624
    just to compare since it was cheap at $5.52 (Black plastic?) never installed it!

    Since I was going to install this one more time and hopefully the last, the reviews I've read convinced me to go with the Blue Thermoplastic Moog # MO K90398... it took me 2.5 hours for the install plus I grooved the inside of the bushing to hold grease in. Don't use thick silicone grease, it binds the sway bar and can cause squeeking (catch and release)

    It's been one year/10K mi, NO NOISE or CLUNK!

    Hope this helps!
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    It's possible this could be self-promotion (for Moog maybe?) because this same thread was posted with the same title and info here but in 2 different forum categories. I've been checking this out because I don't know when my sway bar bushings were replaced and I'm starting to hear a clunk that may not be fixed when I replace the ball joint and tie rod end

    This got me wondering why Moog doesn't make a thermoplastic part for the 2nd generation 5. So I decided to go digging. Someone please feel free to correct any of this info

    1. First, some clarification. The Moog K200675 is made for the 2007-2013 Mazda 3. From what I can tell, the stock FSB for the 3 is 21mm according to Mazda 3 forums .com
    2. The 5's FSB is 23mm according to here, which is why the K200675 shows as not being a match
    3. This info would make you think it wouldn't work. But then sosube mentions the Moog K90398. And I at first thought it was typed wrong because it says it is for some mid 90s cars and think it has to be wrong (Info here)
    4. But the specs says it will fit a 23mm bar according to O'Reilly and it looks similar. Not perfect but similar. May have to use the included brackets but apparently it could be an option? And it's cheaper than the regular bushings on Amazon right now

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    A friend who's a mechanic recommended wrapping the portion of the sway bar under the bushing with teflon tape in addition to greasing it to cut down on squeaks.

    Has anyone else tried the K90398 blue Moog bushings?

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