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Thread: Motor mount to Timing cover question

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    Motor mount to Timing cover question

    My significant other called me and said her car was sounding funny....
    I checked under the hood, and sure enough, the Passenger Side motor mount had gone south.
    The thing is, The bolts (studs) are still in the mount but the mount has pulled away from the motor.
    ...looks like the timing cover failed between the threaded mounting holes and some of the casting has gone away with the fasteners.
    Is my guess correct? Does Mazda's 2.0 use the timing cover as a mounting point for the passenger side engine mount?

    The bigger question, I think, is... can I replace the part in the backyard? (I have some reasonable skills and a bit of shelter)

    Thanks to the community, for any help you folks can give.

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    Any update on this?

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    I had an engine mount failure in my 2012. It was replaced by the dealer under warranty, but that was a couple of years ago.

    What year is this car? There are lots of detail differences - including a completely different 2.0 L engine - depending on the year.

    For any engine, in any model, of any year, I would be very surprised if anyone attached an engine mount to a valve cover - or even to a cylinder head - in a production car. The valve cover is not strong enough, and maintenance would be unreasonable if the mount had to be removed for access to the valvetrain. The mount can be very high, and although bolted to the engine block it might look like it is attached to the valve cover.
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