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Thread: Can't program key fob

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    Can't program key fob

    I am trying to program the old key fob from my 2003 Protege to my daughter's 2006 3. I've done the lock/unlock door, the turn the key to on three times and open/close the door three times, but the ECU doesn't respond. If I need to clear the codes in the ECU, how do I do that, if not that, then what? Might the fact the door light doesn't come on have something to do with it? I don't relish spending $35 to $50 bringing it somewhere for them to do it. I also did the diagnostic check that I found on another forum: turn the key on/off four times, open/close door three times. Absolutely no response from the ECU. So, does that mean I need to reset the ECU?
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    Bump, I am having the same issue on in my 06 3s

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