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Thread: Bose GAN666920A

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    Bose GAN666920A

    Hi guy's, hoping someone can shed light on my predicament.Have 2008 6sport, which i've installed upmarket h/u along with two amps and subs, alls working fine. Connected external speakers to check so everything works has it should. The problem is i want to connect into the factory harness to use incar speakers.(mine has the bose system) i ditched the factory amp cos it was blown so need to find out pin and colour arrangement from the factory amp.
    The car is a European car for UK. I've searched high and low for any resemblance to the plugs that go into the factory amp and come up blank. theirs three plugs which fix into the bose amp, so i'm attempting to patch into the plug to get speaker connections, any of you guys out there can give me direction i'd appreciate it.
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    My bose amp also blown and this is I found the correct pinout for my 2010 mazda6

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