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Thread: How to find FCC ID For Remote Start Fob?

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    How to find FCC ID For Remote Start Fob?


    I'm new to Mazdas and the forum...I just traded a 2007 Mazda 6i hatch for a Kawasaki jet ski. I was originally going to just sell the car but after cleaning it up and driving it for a few days I fell in love with the car!

    I'm pretty sure my car has factory remote start which would be an awesome feature to have up here in WI but I'm missing the key fob for the remote start.

    Is there anyway to find the FCC ID so I can order a remote online or do I have to go to the dealer and give them my vin?

    I have two antennas on the passenger side of the rear view mirror running parallel with roof which looks just like the one in the factory remote start "kits" that are on eBay.

    Thank you for your help!

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    I believe your remote FCC ID# is G0H-PCGEN2
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