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Thread: Compass on the display

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    Compass on the display


    I don't have the maps on my system, not planning to buy the maps seeing that I already have a Garmin with a free lifetime update.
    What would help me is if I can use the compass for location and direction.
    However, the Latitude and Longitude don't give enough digits, making it very inaccurate. I could be anywhere in a 20 kilometre or 12 miles radius.
    Imagine giving that to a break down recovery service.
    Is there a way to change this... Maybe a different screen layout?
    I would like at least 3 digits after the fullstop. The more the better.

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    If you're on a compatible firmware and willing to tinker a bit, the Enhanced Compass is a must have. I installed it just a week after getting my CX-5 and been using it ever since. It's very handy, I rarely need to use Google Map anymore.

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    IMHO, I wouldn't mess with it and risk bricking the infotainment system,

    I think what you have is good enough for driving around,
    if you break down, use your smartphone's GPS system to determine location

    or try
    it's giving me longitude and latitude to 7 significant digits from my phone,
    not so accurate from home computer, as it traces back to cable internet provider.
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    BTW, if you ever feel brave enough to install the Enhanced Compass app, it's a totally painless process. The link to Setup and Installation Guide is outdated, the author has made a USB install script with simple installation steps:

    By using this you may render your unit useless, proceed with caution.
    We take no responsability of any kind

    Steps to install:
    1. Copy contents to USB drive
    2. Turn on Infotainment
    3. Plug in USB
    4. Have a drink
    5. Wait for dialog showing process completed
    6. Inser SD card with rendered maps
    6. Have another drink to celebrate and enjoy your new maps
    The hard part is to find precompiled maps. If your location is not already available (I don't see Johannesburg on, compiling it is quite complicated (I had to compile the Minnesota map myself, instruction at

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