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Thread: Grif's White P5

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    Leather seat skins installed! Such a pain in the ass, but I absolutely loveee it. Check out JP Parts Iernational Ltd. if yall ever need protege parts; got my roof rack delete strips from him too.
    The intermittent starting somewhat went away... I've only had it occur twice since I swapped out the ignition switch. But rather than continually turning it a dozen times til it starts, I only have to do it twice... will work with it for now lol.
    Wheels also come in this week! So stoked.

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    I had a starting issue a while back. Turned out the wiring for the crank sensor had chaffed through and was grounding out on the lifting eyelet closest to the timing cover. That plug there goes down to the crank sensor. Could be worth looking into. Or perhaps the eye is dirty or getting close to out of adjustment. Finally, check the fuel pump relay. Its under the hood in front of drivers strut tower. They get hot and the pins get dirty and/or corroded making poor contact. Easy things to check and doesn't cost anything to look.

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