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Thread: Is change oil necessary/recommended after break-in period?

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    Arrow Is change oil necessary/recommended after break-in period?

    Quote Originally Posted by SDL View Post
    It says it was replaced with "SOIL SYNTHETIC QUART OIL" - There is no part number or anything, other than the description, FULL SYN OIL 5W30.
    This means your dealer should be using a full synthetic 5W-30 oil with their choice of brand. I'd at least try to find out the brand and type of the oil. It could be a generic brand like this one to the right which my Mazda dealer uses for standard oil change on CX-5 and I certainly don't like to see a generic oil in a SA-G 2.5L turbo engine:

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    Quote Originally Posted by ManUtd View Post
    I just read in the manual that "flexible setting" is only for the US and Puerto Rico. Seeing that you're in Mexico your only options are "fixed setting" or "off setting below". Have you tried this reset method?

    This don't work! I still have the message!

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