New to the forum here,but not to Mazda... Ive been looking around via the search button and have found a lot of great info, but sadly not solutions for my current issues, so I thought I would post up.
Of course the warranty covering these items has passed, so I will be looking at fixing them myself.
I have a 2012 CX9 with about 65k miles on it (the trip to work is a short one for this car).
The car has had almost zero issues, but of course, now things are starting to fall apart.

The smart key button on the outer driver side door handle has fallen apart, the black rubber button part. I was able to superglue it back on, but that wont hold for long. Is there anywhere I can buy just the button for this?

The passenger side front window now had a loud clanking/grinding sound when going up or down and gets stuck in the down position frequently. Is there a common issue with the motors or track on these? Ill be taking the door apart this weekend to check it out.

Thanks in advance!