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Thread: Re-programming smart key

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    Re-programming smart key

    Hi everyone,

    I did a search but nothing really helped with my situation. I have a 2016 CX-5, and just lost one of our 2 keys that came with the car. It just so happens that my uncle has a Mazda smart key from a car that he sold laying around.

    The actual key itself obviously won't be able to open my door, but I was wondering if there's a way me or the dealer can "re-program" this key so that it can turn on my engine. Best if there's a way to do this myself, but either way, it certainly beats paying the dealership $300 to buy and program a new key...

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    Arrow Re-programming smart key

    The keyfob for Advanced Keyless Entry system has both remote electronic key and mechanical key. You can try to have Mazda dealer to reprogram a used key fob with your CX-5 if they're compatible. This may cost you less than $100, but you need to carry an additional mechanical key cut by a third-party key blank. Take your used key fob and your CX-5 with proper proof of ownership to your Mazda dealer to find out if it's feasible. You can't reprogram the key fob by yourself unless you find a way talking to car computer and add the unique key fob ID into its system ⋯

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    I recently bought a used 2015 CX-5 that only came with one key (a dinged up one with some broken plastic) that I would like to replace. From what I've researched, you can buy OEM key fobs on Amazon (~$50 for a 2013-2015 CX-5 - not sure about 2016) and get them programmed at a dealership for about $75. For the mechanical part of the key, I just planned on taking it to a local hardware store or somewhere like Home Depot for a couple bucks max.

    Before buying a replacement fob, pull out the mechanical part of your key and verify the FCC ID and Model No and make sure they match.

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