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Thread: Rear Reflective/Fog Lights?

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    Rear Reflective/Fog Lights?

    I'm getting ready to purchase a 2012 2.0 Mazda 3 (not speed version though), however the unit I'm looking at has different (are those just reflective or for lights?) lights on the rear lower bumper than most images on the web. I'm curious if the bumper is custom (The owner is slow to respod) or replaced with one from a different version.
    Here are screenshots:
    What it usually looks like - *image in the attachments - file named "3"*
    What the unit I'm about to buy looks like - *image in the attachments file named "1"*
    Also, if the car doesn't have the park assist button *image in the attachments file named "2"*, does that mean it doesn't have park assist at all? I'm asking because the unit has sensors on the bumper, but no park assist button.
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