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Thread: 2016 Mazda CX-9 Wheel Vibration

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    2016 Mazda CX-9 Wheel Vibration

    I've had my CX-9 Gt AWD since July and have had serious vibrations coming through the car when traveling at highway speeds. It's done this since day one and I've had it in the shop a few times attempting to rectify it.

    First time, they did a wheel balance and chacked for bent rims. Second time we did a force balance, which seemed to rectify the problem for a short time, and the shake came back again.

    On a few instances, the car didn't shake, especially when evaluated by the dealer. That was rather annoying.

    Went back again and now it seems they will swap out the tires and rims to see if that was the cause.

    The dealer has been great. They are always very helpful and accommodating. I've called and written Mazda several times and get no response from them.

    Anyone else have this issue?

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    I have new cx9 , and no issues so far, fingers and toes crossed!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paadmara View Post
    I have new cx9 , and no issues so far, fingers and toes crossed!!
    On a diff topic, what trim did you get and any deals you got on it? Unfortunately here in our area (MB) not a lot of delas nor any inventory in still contemplating on getting the CX9

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    Back ON topic!

    I had some vibration in my GT FWD at highway speeds.
    All four tires were out-of-balance and the rebalance solved the problem.

    It sounds as though your dealer is taking all reasonable steps to correct the issue.
    A wheel/tire replacement is the next logical step.

    I hope that solves the problem.
    If not, they'll likely next double-check all suspension components if they haven't already.

    Good luck and keep us posted.
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    When I test drove the CX-9, the dealer's demo car had some steering wheel and front seat vibrations. My guess was that the tires needed rebalancing. When I decided to get the CX-9, I actually test drove the car I was buying to make sure it had no issues. I hope the dealer resolves your problems asap.

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    You might also want to go to a third party who has a Hunter Roadforce balancer. Go to Hunter's website, and it will direct you to local mechanics by zipcode who have an actual Hunter 5000 Roadforce Balancer. Yes it might cost a hundred, maybe 150, but if your dealer has a numbskull who is not qualified to use their Hunter Roadforce balancer, he may not be doing it right. You could also have a defective tire or tires, but usually the Hunter RF Balancer will detect an out of round tire.

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    I think that is the Hunter GSP9700 Road Force Balancer

    It looks for wheel eccentricity, tire eccentricity, tire road force variations (one part of the sidewall is stiffer than other parts), finds the best solution to these physical problems of where to locate the tire on the wheel, then does the balancing.

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