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Thread: BFG KO2s on your AWD CX-5?

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    You must have already had 17" rims on; I went from 19s, and actually lost over 5# per corner between the rims and tires if my calcs are correct. The tires are only 1.8# heavier. I do expect an increase in road noise and roll resistance, and maybe a slight drop in MPG, but we'll see once spring comes.


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    I have them on my 2.5L 2014 CX-5 AWD Touring and have about 4000 miles on them.

    I am a very conservative driver, and I got probably a 4MPG drop with this heavier tire. Acceleration and stopping distance are slower and longer, and you will find yourself harder on the brakes (and probably wear them out sooner). The car just feel heavier, but kind of in a good way. It feels more "in" to the road. If weekend off-road excusions are your norm, this will suit you well. Definitely a lot more grip in snow/mud. The tires are loud for the first 250 miles or so, then quiet down a little, but still definitely louder than stock tires. Make sure you get your wheels balanced.

    I'm running 36PSI. They seem to be pretty sensitive noise to PSI, so you may have to experiment to what sounds and feels best for you.

    If you've got the 2.0L they will probably feel extra heavy and slow, but if you're not a spirited driver, you probably won't care. I'm curious come spring to see how evenly the tires are wearing and I will adjust PSI accordingly, or maybe get an alignment.

    All that being said, I really like the tires. My stock ones needed replacing and I feel a lot more comfortable going through rocky, muddy, or snowy terrain.
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