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Thread: Can chrome be added to the lower CX- 9 trims?

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    Can chrome be added to the lower CX- 9 trims?

    I believe that both the "Sport" and "Touring" trims are great values but I feel they are missing that pop without the chrome trim along the bottom edges of the doors and front and back bumper found on the "Grand" and "Signature" trims. Can these be added aftermarket? Any suggestions would be appreciated thanks!

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    I'd like to know this as well. I see lots of views on this thread but no replys.

    So, I need to look at a Grand Touring or Signature a little closer, but I imagine you'd be able to buy the chrome trim from the dealer. I'm honestly surprised no one has done this already.

    The only flaw would be if these chrome strips "snap" into place, then that would require the entire plastic piece to be purchased along with the chrome. Of course, one could remove the tabs with a dremel and then use mounting tape. This is all assumption until more research is done.
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    They do clip on. Sadly I know because a trash can drifted across the road and snapped the trim clips off, so had to reattach with automotive goop.

    I can provide a photo of the clips (I have one broken one I didn't throw out) if that helps?

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    After reading the post I went to the garage and look on the bottom edges of my 2017 CX9 which is the Mexico i-Sport version which has no chrome but I would like to add those, the three sides of the vehicle have a type of slot where the chrome trims could be installed, I have seen a few trims in Auto Zone but I would like to ask Mazda first if those would be available in the future...

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