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Thread: How to reduce ( Wind ) Noise inside Cabin

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    How to reduce ( Wind ) Noise inside Cabin

    I want to get rid wind noise inside cabin specially when cx-9 is at or above 70 mph.

    Previously my cx-9 used to have lot of noise but after finishing below 2 things, cabin noise is significantly reduced.
    1) Installed new ceramic proact brake pads and centric rotors
    2) Installed new window run channel on driver side front door
    However, it is not as quite as I expected - specially when it is windy outside and if my car goes above 70mph.

    I am considering to use Natural Shine Protectant on the door weather strips. Another option is to use sound dreading materials all over inside car. But not sure if these things will help to reduce cabin noise.

    Anyone has any other suggestion ?
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    Try this, I've used this on a few cars and it works great.

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    I know you're from NJ (insert joke about NJ drivers) but maybe you should just slow down a bit? Is there a single road in that state where 70 mph isn't at least 5 over the posted speed limit?

    Another option is audio system upgrades. Install a few amps, new speakers and a subwoofer. You'll never hear pesky wind noise ever again.

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    the noise is wind/air passing through the window door seals, there really is no way to fix other than replace. Try this when you notice the noise pull in on the doors to see if it goes away, that's about all that worked for me. Pretty disappointed with this noise, I even contacted Mazda several times to see if they have a fix but they have yet to respond back to me. I haven't replaced the stock seals because 1) they are pricey and 2) most importantly I see this occurring again. What is needed is a firmer or thicker seal. If for some reason you find some other solution please post!

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