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Thread: Rear spring options (2008 Mz3 GT Hatchback)

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    Rear spring options (2008 Mz3 GT Hatchback)

    Recently put Koni FSD shocks and struts on my hatchback (the FSDs are great compared to the stock with 65k), and found that a few inches of coil had broken off one of the rear springs. Other then just replacing the broken spring with an identical replacement, what are my other options? I know from TireRack that the Eiback Pros go well with the FSDs, but lowering the car is not something I'm too hot on - winter snow clearance is my concern. Does the Mz3 drop much with these? Can I put MS3 spring on my car, if so Gen1 or 2? Other options?

    The car is a daily driver, 40mph back roads, no autoX, etc. More concerned with reliability than anything else. Thoughts?
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    If you put some (mild) drop springs on the rear, can you make up for the drop by installing slightly taller winter tires?

    Increase the aspect ratio by 5 or 10?

    You can change out both rear springs with Eibachs. You can replace the one spring with an OE replacement.

    Do you frequently drive on unplowed roads? Do you frequently drive in 6 or more inches of snow? if "yes" is the answer to both of these questions, then I would go with the OE replacement.
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    The Eibach Pros I have for my 2014 3 drop the car enough so that I have to be very careful exiting parking lots and going over speed bumps. The ride is noticeably stiffer but handing is also noticeably better, especially with the Koni shocks.
    Appearance of the car is much better than the SUV look that is OEM.
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