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Thread: 2016 CX-9 Infotainment System Rebooting and Freezing

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    Quote Originally Posted by AdzamOZ View Post
    As I do not have any time-out issues from this Server, I suggest you find a location or IP which offers faster plans,
    and copy paste to your stick.
    The EU cmu file is large of 2.3GB, imo you need a minimum 25Mbps connection to prevent time outs.
    It is strange that I'm having difficulty downloading this. I have 75Mbps service and no other issues.

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    Got the files and updated just fine. Thanks AdzamOZ!

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    Quote Originally Posted by widdy88 View Post
    Btw i did suggest to mazda to try to replace the screen as it is probably hardware issue but they said there was a software update and i was really hoping the software update would fix it. Would be good to know how it was resolved for you if you had the blank screen.
    Replying to my own post as informational to others. The dealer finally replaced my screen and all the issues with screen shutting off has appeared to be resolved. It has been consistently working for at least 3 weeks whereas before the screen replacement it would turn off almost every single day.

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