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Thread: Home transmission flush success

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    Pootie tang, I really hate to ask this question as this thread is kind of old. The pic of the return line is that looking down from the top of the car? I was looking for that beige piece in the pic as a reference when I had the car jacked up and secured and could not see it and I started wondering if this is looking down from when the hood is opened.

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    3309 is the Aisin (transmission maker) spec. T-IV is Toyota's name for the same fluid.

    I like to drain the transmission sump first, and refill, to save some time, then pump through the hose.

    If which hose is the discharge to the cooler is in question, take one loose and crank (don't run) the engine. You'll see the direction of the flow and know which hose is which.

    Installing a Magnefine or Filtran filter is always a good idea. Every hydraulic system needs clean fluid, including automatic transmissions. Put in the hot line into the cooler for best filtration. (After a transmission failure bits of metal accumulate in the cooler, so the filter is put on the cooler outlet in that case.) It is also a very good idea to put a similar filter in the return line of the hydraulic power steering. Magnefine's 1/2" filter works well for this. These filters are often re-labeled as NAPA or WIX or something else. All good.

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    To do a fluid exchange at the two Mazda dealers in my area its $219 -$229. Both indicated a fluid exchange is done and 12 quarts are used in the process. My mileage is now 59,980 so figured it might be a good time to do the fluid change. I thought about doing the 3.5 qrts multiple times method but was wondering if the full fluid exchange is a better path for transmission longevity?

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