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Thread: Centre Armrest 'Upgrades' Mazda 3 Tamura 2007

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    Centre Armrest 'Upgrades' Mazda 3 Tamura 2007

    Hi all.

    I am new to the board and have just purchased an older Mazda 3 Tamura (I am in the UK - Scotland) which was in good condition generally (other than some sill rust - though not much), very corded alloys (getting them refurbished) and a few interior scrapes and scratches and one or two small bits of missing trim (clips and the like).

    Anyway when I went to a local breakers yard (he had several Mazda's being stripped) I was able to pick up a fair bit of what I was looking for next to no which was great. As part of my haul I decided to extract a centre arm rest console is it had less scratches on the leather part and also included outlets for 12v and Aux. Anyway, I have now replaced the old arm rest with this upgrade (I think it was from a Sport or TS2 maybe) and was hoping someone here could advise me how to make the two new inputs/outputs I have in the console work - if this possible? I have kept the leads that were attached to the new console that are fitted to the 12v and Aux connectors but I was not sure from here how or if I can connect power to the 12v output or hook up the Aux to the stereo.

    As a bit of back ground one of the first things I did when I got the car was to add an Aux/USB connection unit to the back of the stereo by following youtube vids on this and the feeding the usb and aux cable under the gear shift and cup holders and have then cable coming into the cabin through the handbrake opening (safely!)

    Any ideas at all on how I could make these work? the extra Aux is not that important as I have that already with my added box but the extra 12v in the console at the rear would be a bonus for the kids and their electronics for long trips?

    I am glad to see such an active forum for the 3 as the one in the UK seems to not be taking on new members as I cant get it to work as a new register - so you lucky Americans (and others I am sure) can have the addition of Scotsman to the ranks!

    PS I love going to breakers yards! don't do it often enough but I got fuses from three cars, lots of trim parts, arm rest, new drinks holder and ash tray and all the bulbs for the interior as well as two front carpets and fixings as well as a very clean same coloured back seat and two arm rest trims for 25 and 3 hours of extracting!

    Cheers anyway and hopefully someone with electrical know how can point me to a how to or fix as could not find one using search.

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    Do you still need help with this? If so I think I can help you.

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