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Thread: Drive Side Rear Suspension

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    Drive Side Rear Suspension

    Replaced all 4 struts and springs. Replaced rear sway bar links. When I go over something the rear drive side makes this awful thud. Any help would be appreciated. 2002 Mazda Protege 5 - 210,000 Miles !!!!

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    are you using the correct end links? Check to see that the swaybar isn't sitting on the lateral links.

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    They r the ones that come up listed from the parts store. Now if I put my hand in between the tire and the frame part of the wheel well I can barely get my hand in (drive side). passenger side I can easily move my hand in and out.
    Rear Drive side visibly sits lowers

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    Check your strut mount.

    I just recieved my parts today in dealing with that. I heard a metal on metal rattle out of my right rear. The strut looked out of whack, so I peeled off the cargo paneling...and looked straight down to the ground. The strut mount was gone. Gone!

    I'm at 208,000 miles. Might want to take a peek.

    Good news is...I've been wanting to drop it an inch or the new suspension bits will handle that. Cost justification achieved!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dang12457 View Post
    ....and looked straight down to the ground. The strut mount was gone. Gone!
    Do you mean like this ??!?!??

    The Diagram Dude

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    did you check to make sure the tops of the springs were rotated correctly when seated into the strut mounts?

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