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Thread: Hardwiring a Dashcam (2016 sport)

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    2007 Mazdaspeed 3 | 2016 CX-5 GS AWD

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    Dec 2015
    Just a final update on this, I did use the fuses suggested by raden and all is working! Thanks again!

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    Dec 2016

    Newbie here. Just wanted to report that I recently bought a Thinkware F770 2CH cam, installed following the instructions here and powered it using raden's recommendation regarding using fuse slots numbers 3 and 9. It works nicely!

    Just a little thing: my car didn't have any fuse on slot 3, so I installed a fresh 15A fuse there and voila!

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    94 miata, 2016.5 cx-5

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    Nov 2016
    I installed a mini 0805 in my wife's 2016.5 grand touring over the weekend. I ended up using a 15' micro-usb cable up behind the rear view mirror, then right along the passenger side headliner, down the passenger a pillar, down behind the glovebox and then out into one of the two usb plugs in the center console.

    All the radar/sonar stuff took up a lot more space for mounting, so here is a picture of where I ended up mounting it.
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    I have the same thing as you and in the same spot. I power it from the mirror and stuck the 12v to 5V adapter in the ceiling. There is a July 2016 firmware out, if you are not aware of it.

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    2016 CX5 GT with Tech pkg

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    Hello All
    Can any one please post the link for the Fuse tap that i can use with my 2016 Cx5 to wire the dashcam. I bought 2, both doesnt fits properly

    - With Regards
    PMA (CX5-GT with Tech pkg)

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